Here is the problem:

Having treasures < not having too much stuff.

This is my battle royale. Reorganizing is something I very much enjoy. I've spent so many weekends reorganizing strictly for pleasure. It allows me to keep things tucked away but easy to access. Super freak, I know. 

The reality is, I live in 400 precious square feet and clutter ruffles my feathers in a horrifically ODC kind of way.

Also, I want to be mobile. My life needs to stay light so I can pick up and move when the Universe and I decide it's time start that 'world-traveler' chapter, which I feel ramping up.

Ok, so this means that everything I buy has to be something worth spending energy on packing, storing and one day unpacking. Or, shipping across the world. 

On the flip, I'm not into cookie-cutter decor. I am admittedly judgey of style that can be purchased all at one store. I'm obsessed with objects that tell a story. The craftsmanship of old things is rad. And textures of found objects are difficult to replicate. True treasures. Bonus points for things from people I am related to. Then, there is that hoarding gene I have. It is for real. 

So there it is. The dilemma. I go treasure hunting at these amazing flea markets, but I constantly have to keep myself (and my mother) in check. This is so not easy. 


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