Perhaps it was my mother's love for "classic" movies, a la An American in Paris, The Philadelphia Story, A Roman Holiday and White Christmas. Perhaps it was my grandparent's post-war romance. Where he played in a big band next to his twin brother and she worked at sticker factory. Perhaps it was my obsession with Broadway musicals in an revival heavy era. Whatever the reason, I've had vintage treasure hunting ingrained into my very being. 

Decor Treasure Hunting SF Blogger

This love for vintage is a large part of my identity. For better or worse. Better in the sense that this style preference has stayed exactly the same over the last 2.8 decades of my life. Worse in that it's super on trend right now and makes it all feel slightly less authentic. 

There is lovely little downtown in Folsom and a few times a year it hosts "The Peddler's Fair" which over time has transitioned into "The Antique Fair." The "Folsom Street Fair" is a MUCH different thing all together. Google Carefully. 

The "Peddler's Fair" is our favorite adventure. My mom and I get there as early as possible. 

I walk the treasures and I feel the heat rise inside me. The excitement takes over and I am brimming with adrenaline. Hoarding runs thick and deep in my genes. I live in 400 square feet and already have too much stuff. I have to play it very safe. More on that later. 

Feeling pretty great about my most recent pull. I came home with the last piece of art for my tiny gallery wall, an all female WWII photograph of a medical unit in uniform. I swooped up a glass-cut perfume bottle that now lives on my bed-side table. And I now own two vintage glass bottles that will forever serve as vases. They are being saved to go in my phone-nook once the rotary goes in. Pictures to come soon. 

Decor Treasure Hunting SF Blogger

The things I regret not buying: gold light-switch plates, the perfect rug (in a different apartment, at a different time) and a set of 1930's tobacco cans.

Next. Time. 

I am always looking for great places to find vintage! Please reach out with any and all suggestions. 


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