"The Lady doth protest too much". Shakespeare wrote this about me and Coachella. I'm sure of it. 

I'm 29. I juuuust thought that I was too old for desert music festivals. It was fun at 25... but now... (insert dirty look).

You know, we go to concerts / shows pretty much every week here in SF. I love to dance more than anything. And just because I assumed that the basic level would be peaking at Coachella, doesn't mean that I had to hate on the entire experience. Right? In fact, that makes me judgmental. Buying into stereotypes isn't ok for any of us to do. I can be myself there. I can be stylish, comfortable and not overly basic. We can have a good time without teenagers harshing our vibe. Right? 

Travel: The Peoples Coachella SF Blogger


I had the time of my life. I've never danced so hard. That's big considering I got a BFA in dance. I felt a type of joy that I thought only existed in my childhood. I ran around like a kid at recess. Doing cartwheels. Sitting Indian-style in the grass. Making up new dance moves and teaching them to people. I felt alive and free. 

Having a house, pool and bed to sleep in is the way to do Coachella, especially if you’re an old lady like me. I felt much more in control of my surroundings and that gave me peace. Showering everyday helped a lot too. Biggest win, we rented bikes as our main mode of transportation. No waiting. No lines. It was the best way to both start and end the day. And again, it was so reminiscent of my childhood. Happiness.

What an amazing musical adventure! There were so many talented humans in one place. It’s incredibly inspiring. Live your dream, my friends. I’ve listed out my musical highlights from the weekend, below. If I lose you here, be sure to listen to Jack Garratt and Francis and the Lights. Hurry, you’re missing out. And I should note, we love EDM. Dancing. It’s all about the dancing.

Friday Favorites

Kungs – You’ll likely know his song ‘This Girl.’
Check it here.

Big Gigantic (enjoyed from afar) – Brings the wind instruments into EDM like a baller.
Check it here.

Francis and The Lights – My “non-negotiable.”
Check it here.

Saturday Favorites

Martin Garrix – Biggest party of the weekend.
Check it here.

Nicolas Jaar – Of Dark Side.
Check it here.

Sunday Favorites

Tourist – We saw him on our first date. It’s a good story if you ever want to hear it.
Check it here.

Jack Garratt – My musical highlight of the weekend. He’s stupid talented. He plays everything.
Check it here.

Marshmallow – So. Many. EDM. Bangers.
Check it here.

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I went to the festival with veterans. They knew what was up. I'm super grateful for that. To share the wealth, I’ve listed out the Coachella hacks that saved me.


+ Renting Bikes – FOR THE WIN.
+ Fanny Packs – With multiple zippers.
+ Vicks Vapor Rub – For clearing out the dust from my sinuses.
+ Lightweight Turtleneck (that fits in the fanny) – To wear when the festival ended and I got cold.
+ Hand Sanitizer – For obvious reasons.
+ Stolen Bathroom Seat Covers – For obvious reasons.
+ Aquaphor – Dehydration is real and this helps. Chapstick doesn’t.
+ Bandana – Get it wet to keep you cool and to cover your face when it gets windy.
+ VIP – It’s seriously the best. Clean bathrooms and open places to sit. Saved me more than a few times. Just do it if you can.

Travel: The Peoples Coachella SF Blogger

Coachella 2017 was such an opening experience for me. I’m so thankful I was coaxed into going. My perspective on more than a few things has expanded and I think that is the coolest. Not only did I so enjoy myself, I also made some rad new friends. This is the good life.


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