This is a good ole fashion rant. 

I want to be a person who does things. Write a blog. Plan events. Make real food. Build friendships. 

Ideas come to me. I am lucky. 

I get a flicker. A surge of energy around a topic and then it manifests into a stream of consciousness. I mull it around. Sit with it. Do some research. Then it becomes an idea. 

Then comes the question: "Is it a GOOD idea?"

This is where my ideas go to die. My judgement is the murderer of my precious ideas.

"Can I pull this off? Am I good enough? Do I have the resources?"

These are the weapons used to commit murder. 

I spend so much time on these questions. I get tired, worn down and eventually self doubt wins. It slowly kills until there is nothing left. 

Let's stop this. When I get this magical surge of energy, I will DO. I will get up and just do it. No excuses. WHO CARES IF I CAN PULL IT OFF? I certainly won't know by guessing. 

End. Rant.


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