JANUARY 20TH, 2017

JANUARY 20TH, 2017

"Don't talk about politics...

This is the premise I was raised on. So many of the people offering opinions on social media are those who are very brash. And so many of us have opinions and are staying silent because we were raised to do so."

I wrote this in my notebook during the election. I think it speaks so clearly to the way a lot of people in this country felt. This scribble personifies the stark difference between what we saw in the media and what actually happened on November 8th, 2016. It happened with me. I was an echo chamber. I hid my viewpoints to keep the peace. 

I was quiet during the election. I am hugely regretful for that. As a never Trump republican living in the most liberal city in the country, it was always a 'lesser of two evils' decision for me. With that, I truly thought Hillary had it. She was the only reasonable option. And while I disagree with her policy more often than not, I was excited to watch that glass ceiling shatter all over this country. My dad constantly told me that I could be The President of the United States and her win would've paved the way. I simply wasn't worried living in my little liberal bubble. So, I didn't engage in the debate. 

I have learned my lesson the hard way. No longer will I be ignorant. No longer will I be silent. I am UPSET by what is happening. The appointments made scare me to no end. This is the twilight zone. I fundamentally do not trust the man who will lead this country that I so desperately love. I've considered myself a republican for over a decade, but I can't stand by this. I do not support this. This is not my president. 

Yesterday I voiced my anxiety and concern about the inauguration with a friend. She met me with: "I know dear that it will be tough, but we have to look at it like we're ready to stay together and fight. It's sad, but now it's action time." 

Ok. I can get behind that. This calms my anxiety a bit. Action it is. Let's do this. 


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