Spring cleaning is real. Something about the sun shining into my pretty little apartment makes me want to get rid of stuff. Bye. 

Moving into my studio forced me to purge hard. It’s a small space.

Even after significantly paring down my worldly possessions, it was time for another round. My place has a good-size closet, but I was literally shoving stuff in. Leaving space for newness to come into my life has served me well. The Univsere’s plan always seems to be better than my own. Even regarding something as trivial as clothing.

I’ve seen countless articles about The Capsule Wardrobe and I've always been so interested. It was a thing a few years ago. In theory, I love it. You select 37 articles of clothing per season. Also, zero shopping until the following season. Doesn’t that seem impossible?

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Homemaking: Clearing and Capsuling SF Blogger

Well, I did it. With my own twist. Of course. 

I had a lot of clothes. They were always well organized, so I thought they were ok to keep. I sentimentality held on and it inhibited my functionality. While I didn’t consciously notice, that stuff was weighing me down.

How did I do it?

I started by reading as many articles I could find (favorites above).

Drank a v large coffee.

Pulled out the obvious goodbyes.

Turned all hangers the opposite way, making clear what I was naturally reaching for.

I lived like this for two weeks.

Then the purge. As I was ripping off of the Band-Aid, I decided to come up with some of my own rules.

Homemaking: Clearing and Capsuling SF Blogger

Blair’s Made Up Rules

+ Shoes (pair back to 10)
+ Workout clothes (pair back to 15 total including t-shirts)
+ Fancy dresses (pair back to 10)
+ Vintage doesn’t count (kept in another space) – but still cleaned out
+ Costumes don’t count (kept in another space) – but still cleaned out
+ Jewelry doesn't count – but still cleaned out
+ Can shop again in one month.
+ 75 hanger items

This put me at 110 total items and that felt comfortable to me. This is a third of my previous wardrobe. Additionally, my capsule accounts for all year and not one season. SF doesn't really have seasons after all. The 110 number includes all of the stuff that no ones mentions, like workout clothes. I do laundry twice a month, I need a few options for things to sweat in. 

There are holes in my wardrobe, that’s for sure. But now, I clearly see them. I can shop much more consciously (in a month from now) and I’m obsessed with that. I definitely plan to live by the one item in, one item out rule.

EDIT: I bought a jumpsuit at the the flea market this weekend. I had to have it. I am not sorry about it at all. Purged another T-shirt to make space. Serious upgrade.

Homemaking: Clearing + Capsuling SF Blogger

Post Purge Feelings

Getting dressed is the easiest thing. I actually want to get ready in the morning. I feel fully comfortable in everything I put on. I take more style risks because I can see everything clearly. This has helped my confidence a lot, unexpectedly. These findings aren't revolutionary. Though it feels that way in my little world. It's astounding how much easier my life feels. While I knew this purging would feel great, I didn't know to what extent. 

What I'm saying’s so worth it to say goodbye. 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress! 


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