There is this perfect little window in my kitchen that is made for plants. The light is bright, but not direct. It's in a place that's highly visible, but so not in the way. It's lovely, really. 

Confession, up until now I've been a plant murderer.

Working events, I come home with herbs and succulents on the regular. I put them in said window and they die. Without fail. 

A Succulent Gardener SF Blogger

It's time to change that.

I am almost 30 years old. I need to know how to keep a succulent alive. I want to be the kind of human that can grow a small succulent garden. I can do this. 

So, I am repropagating and replanting old babies. Bought a few new plants. Set an intention. And started this little adventure. 

Decor A Succulent Gardener SF Blogger
Decor A Succulent Gardener SF Blogger

the Research : 

A post with simple instructions + great pictures.  
+ This article with real advice for new succulent moms.  
+ And Martha. sigh. #goals

Decor A Succulent Gardener SF Blogger

Let me tell you. The struggle is real. I'm desperately wanting to be the best plant mom EVER, but I'm not even allowed to feed them. I wake up each morning, admire them lovingly, but I am not allowed to touch them. How dare they not need me. I know this whole "not needing much water" thing is what makes a succulent my perfect match. We shall see. 

A lesson in patience. 

Do you know any tricks? I need all of the help I can get. 


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