The Best SF Farmers' Markets

SF Farmers' Markets

"What will you be doing three years from now?"

This was the cue in a recent meditation. After, I instantly had to write down all of my thoughts. I felt so moved by it. 

I won't divulge my most intimate desires, but one struck me very clearly:

"Have a kitchen stocked with fresh food from the famers' market." 

I've been a person that shops at famers' markets before. The merging of productivity and relaxation is a personal high. Currently, going to the farmers' market is something I only do on the weekend. I haven't integrated going into my everyday. It's been more of an adventurous thing rather than a sustainable habit. 


This is a place where dreams become reality.

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An Undefended Heart

"Intimacy of the undefended heart."

This came to me in a recent meditation class. It struck me so pointedly. 

These are the words that I’ve been looking for. The phrase to describe this new, opening chapter of my life. The chapter where I have committed to talking intimately about the feelings that make up my life. 



An Egg Bake

Food for events. I dig building menus. Mostly because I find it challenging. I continually complicate things, but my mom is great about reminding me to keep it simple.

Menus for bridal showers are always interesting to me. People want substance (bc champagne), but don't tend to eat a ton. In our experience (which is getting up there at this point), cheese boards work great. Also, eggs! Substantive. Add a few hearty salads (more on that later) and you're set. Easy. 

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"THE" Biscuit Recipe

This is one of those recipes that I will make so many times in my life that people will come to expect biscuits when I show up somewhere. These biscuits will be served at every holiday gathering, all future dinner parties and every cabin trip until the end of my time. There are so many variations on this recipe that it works for every single occasions. Not joking.